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What do you need:

This is how you make this treat:

  • Put a pan with a layer of water on and heat, make sure to use a bowl that fits on your pan for au bain marie
  • Add the chocolate, coconut oil, coconut milk, greensweet sweet chocolate and greensweet sweet vanilla to a bowl.
  • Heat the bowl on the pan with water, until everything is melted together, stirring constantly. Make sure the water does not touch the bowl and the water does not boil.
  • Has everything melted? Immediately remove the bowl from the pan and let it cool slightly.
  • Grind the dates, chop the nuts and cut the strawberries into pieces
  • Fold the dates, nuts and strawberries through the (cooled) chocolate
  • Pour into a mold and cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.



Source / photo: greentwist.nl