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What do you need for 4 servings:

-180gr gluten-free oats
-60gr 100% almond butter
-25gr chia seed⁣
-25gr Greensweet Syrup Gold
-350 ml unsweetened almond milk
-240gr Greek yogurt
-4 oreos (I used the double biscuits, a gluten-free Oreo variety) ⁣
-10gr raw cocoa powder

This is how you make this:

In a large bowl, add all ingredients, wait with the Oreos and cocoa powder
Mix well and then add 1/3 of the mixture to another bowl. ⁣
Add cocoa powder to 1/3 of the mixture, mix until there are no more dry spots
Crumble the oreos and scoop them into the remaining batter. ⁣
Cover the bowls with some foil and put them in the fridge overnight
In the morning, the overnight oats is ready to eat when it is thick and creamy.
Start by applying a layer of Oreo oats, followed by the chocolate oats and finish with the Oreo oats again.
Crumble some more Oreo over it.

To enjoy!



Source / photo: Jolien Verbueken @ jolien.verb via instagram