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My name is Manon, built in 1979, mother of 3 children and I am also a primary school teacher. Toddlers stole my heart. Besides all this, I like to be creative. Because I like a lot, I regularly change my hobby.

Maybe I also set too high standards for myself, so I eventually drop out and look for something else. Food and photography have always kept me busy. As proud as a peacock, when I started my first Canon (anologian) camera.

My relationship with food has not always been correct, but I now try to give my body what makes it happy. After a long search, after giving birth to our third child, I started to delve into vegan food. Before that I had been vegetarian for years, but I kept the same complaints. I believe in the healing powers of good nutrition. During the first 2 weeks a world opened up to me. All complaints disappeared, I felt like I was floating. So much energy, happiness and happiness.

After 1.5 years I started doing a detox week and then my body got weird again. From that moment on I started trying different things in the field of vegan food. Vegan Keto, lots of fruit, raw and more. At first I noticed differences, but then it subsided again. I think it is a path that everyone takes personally. My diet now consists of many, many fruits, vegetables, herbs, seaweed and sprouts. Mainly raw during the day and in the evening a meal consisting of (steamed) vegetables, legumes, (sweet) potato, quinoa, rice or oatmeal. I also use dried fruits. I keep my diet as basic as possible. It fits me. I don't have to give it up, so I can keep it up.

I already didn't use refined sugars. Personally, I have no problem leaving eg chips, candy and cake. It doesn't give me a good feeling, no joy and no energy. Fruit, vegetables etc. they take care of my body, they provide a happy feeling, the right balance and my daily portion of energy. Since I focus on this, I no longer weigh my food. I focus on my body and she indicates very well when I have had enough. In the beginning it was the fear that held me back. Can I still eat a healthy cake? Yes, that's possible. I sweeten cakes, pancakes etc. with date syrup, but I also use the products of Greensweet Stevia. We do not raise my children with refined sugars, but sometimes they want a pancake with powdered sugar. Greensweet Stevia has it! In the winter months I like to make a glass of (fresh) oatmeal milk. A few drops of the liquid stevia (eg caramel, vanilla ...) makes it just a bit tastier.

For Greensweet Stevia I have created many different recipes with the products of Greensweet Stevia, but also wrote blogs that can be found on the Greensweet Stevia website. Due to personal circumstances I have (temporarily) stopped my own website and the collaboration with Greensweet Stevia. I myself hope that in the future I will be able to develop delicious vegan recipes again in collaboration with Greensweet Stevia. Inspire people and show that vegan food (Wholefood Plantbased) is really not that difficult.

Below you can see various recipes she made for us:

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