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Milou from Viva la Foodie



I am Milou, 18 years old and I love good food and sports. I study Nutrition and Dietetics and I hope in the future to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. I am convinced that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and that it is all about balance.

I love to make recipes on my Instagram @vivalafooodie that taste like a real treat. I often make recipes that have a more favorable nutritional value, but I show that you can also enjoy something less nutritious. Food should be fun and without restrictions. Life is too short not to enjoy good food. I would like to show that you can also enjoy good food within a healthy lifestyle and that any type of food fits within this lifestyle.

In addition to being involved with nutrition, I also love sports and I do strength training. I like to share my passion around nutrition, sports, but also in the field of mindset. I wish everyone a good relationship with food and themselves and I hope to inspire people with that through my account.

I would like to inspire people with my story and that people can enjoy all the recipes and that food is seen as something fun. I hope I can show people that for any purpose you can still eat good things every day without feeling guilty.

The Greensweet Stevia products fit in perfectly with this. Ultimately it's all about balance!

Balance is key!


Milou from Viva La Foodie.