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Greensweet-stevia sweetener contains no calories, no sugars and has a glycemic index of zero and is therefore very suitable as a sugar substitute. Wondering how you can apply Stevia in your dishes and where to buy the best stevia? Then Green Stevia know d é shop for all your needs! Not only can you buy (at the best price) high-quality sweeteners and stevia, but we will also explain what to look for and give you inspiration for making the tastiest dishes with stevia.

Buy Stevia online:

Greensweet stevia products have long been found in many health and organic stores, gyms, at dietitians, nutrition coaches and health care facilities. But recently you can also easily buy the entire range of Stevia products in the Greensweet Stevia webshop. You will receive the products within a few days (free shipping if you order products for more than € 30.00). Payment via your own bank (iDeal) is possible.

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Pay attention when buying stevia!

Many suppliers add Isomalt (= artificial sweetener!) Or Maltodextrin to their Stevia products. These are artificial sweeteners that contain carbohydrates that ensure that your stevia product contains carbohydrates (and therefore calories!). You should avoid these if you are on a diet or if you have diabetes. Greensweet Stevia products, on the other hand, are purely natural. With us you can only buy pure Stevia with a high percentage of stevioglycosides (98%), without the addition of artificial sweeteners. These are not only more natural and healthier, but also a lot sweeter, so you need to use less sweetener. Greensweet Stevia has a varied range of high-quality stevia sweeteners and products:

Greensweet liquid stevia

The liquid stevia is available in 12 flavors and can be added to water, coffee, tea, yogurt, cottage cheese, cake, biscuits and used in many other drinks and dishes.
Greensweet liquid stevia (50 ml)
Greensweet liquid stevia (30 ml)

Stevia powder and crystal consists of pure natural stevia extract without chemical additives. Ideal for baking or in crystal form as a regular sugar substitute. Greensweet stevia sugars


Greensweet sweetly

With stevia sweeteners you can easily reduce your sugar intake. 100% Natural and free from sugars and calories. The healthiest sugar substitute for tea / coffee. Greensweet Stevia sweetly

Greensweet Belgian chocolate

Responsibly enjoy delicious Belgian chocolate with stevia (so without added sugar and gluten-free) in different flavors. Dark chocolate (Min. 70.3% cocoa) in pure, pure with whole hazelnuts and pure with whole almonds. Milk chocolate in milk, milk with whole hazelnuts and milk with whole almonds. Greensweet Stevia Belgian chocolate