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Which names are actually used for sugar?

What are the benefits of Stevia in relation to sugar and artificial sweeteners?

Stevia contains no calories, carbohydrates and has a glycemic index of 0. It is very suitable for diabetics.

What should I pay attention to when I buy Stevia?

Read the label especially. The percentage of Steviol glycosides (Stevioside and Rebaudioside A) should be mentioned, the higher the percentage the purer the Stevia, if there is no percentage, then you do not really know what you are buying.

Are Greensweet-stevia products organic?

For the Greensweet Reb.A. > 95% certificates from CERES are present. Since our tablets and liquid Stevia are derived from the Stevia extract, we can not call them organic, but of course.

Are the aromas of the liquid Greensweet also natural?

Yes, they are all natural. No synthetic substances have been added to the Greensweet stevia products.

On which points does Greensweet-stevia stand out?

All our products have the highest percentage of Reb.A en 98% except for the liquid Greensweet containing> 95 steviol glycosides of which 60% Reb. A. In addition, we are the only one in the Netherlands offering 13 different flavors of liquid Stevia, which is very easy to dose and has many applications.

What are the applications of the liquid Stevia?

- Natural : coffee, tea, yogurt, cottage cheese, sauces.
- Vanilla : coffee, tea, yogurt, shakes, cottage cheese.
- Strawberry : water, tea, yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothie, shake, ice cream.
- Raspberry : water, tea, yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothie, shake, ice cream.
- Lemon : water, also with carbonic acid, tea, cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothie, shake, ice cream.
- Caramel : coffee, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothie, shake, ice cream.
- Chocolate : in hot and cold milk, coffee, yogurt, cottage cheese.
- Cocos : in combination with chocolate in milk, in cottage cheese and yoghurt.
- Almond : tea, coffee, cottage cheese and yogurt.
- Cinnamon : especially in tea.
- Grape : water, yogurt and cottage cheese.

What is the daily allowable amount?

That is for children of 30 kg: 59 drops or 17 tablets.
And for an adult of 60 kilos 118 drops and 34 tablets.

I have a question that is not mentioned here, what can I do?

Contact us. Then we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your question.