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The new jelly sugar from Greensweet-stevia is different from the regular jelly sugar. It is made with pure stevia and agar agar. Agar Agar is a vegetable gelling / binding agent made from seaweed. It is a 100% natural replacement for, for example, gelatin. Greensweet stevia jelly sugar contains hardly any calories and carbohydrates. This makes the jelly sugar the healthiest jelly sugar available. The jam that you make therefore remains incredibly low in (fruit) sugars.

You see products with stevia more often and I am very curious about the Greensweet Stevia Jelly Sugar. When I look at the packaging I notice that for a jar of plum jam (with 550 grams of fresh plums) you only need 15 grams of Greensweet Stevia Jelly Crystal. The sweetness of this jelly sugar is great: no less than six times sweeter than sugar.

Greensweet Stevia Jelly Sugar

I decide to put it to the test and put a bit of the Greensweet Stevia Jelly Sugar on my finger and so taste it pure. At first I think it is not too bad, but then you indeed notice that it is very sweet! In this case it is not only a sweetener, but also a binder. It also contains agar agar. You do not need to use gelatin when making jam or sauces, for example. Because I don't want to make plum jam, I first consult the website and that turns out to be a good idea!

How to use:

I wanted to consult the website to look at other applications or recipes. Because this is not normal sugar, wild oak would like to know how much I had to use as a guideline in recipes other than the plum jam that is indicated on the packaging. Here I read that it is better to avoid some types of fruit - such as kiwi and pineapple -. The result of your jam, for example, also depends on how much pectin the fruit contains that you use. You should also avoid citric acid with this jelly sugar. Sauces, custard and pudding can also be made well with it, so I decide to give it a try. In the kitchen it is often a bit of experimenting with the right quantities. This is also the case here. When making my custard custard I discover that I can use just a little more jelly sugar next time. But in terms of sweetness and binding, it is a great replacement for regular sugar. The fine structure of this jelly sugar ensures that it dissolves quickly and well in the liquid that you use.
Some extra information about the packaging for your information:

The carbohydrates in Greensweet Stevia Jelly Crystal cannot be absorbed by the body. This makes it extremely suitable for diabetic patients and people on a low-carbohydrate diet.
Greensweet Stevia Jelly Crystal

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