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Susan Jansen of Greensweet-stevia winner of 99PowerVrouwen

Susan Jansen - eigenaresse Greensweet-stevia.nl

Susan Jansen of Greensweet-stevia is the overall winner of 99PowerVrouwen 2017. The entrepreneur from Kerkdriel took the cup home for her personal story in a vlog. With this, Susan was proclaimed PowerVrouw of the year 2017.

99PowerVrouwen is an initiative of Lucinda Douglas. Lucinda is nominated for Ethnic Business Woman of the Year and the brain behind 99 Power Women. For 99 Power Women she interviewed enterprising women who are successful through willpower, enthusiasm and perseverance. Lucinda puts the women in the spotlight and hopes to inspire many other female entrepreneurs. Eventually one winner is chosen every year and that is Susan Jansen from Greensweet-stevia this year.

Power woman of the year 2017
Susan Jansen is the driving force behind Greensweet-stevia and was chosen by Lucinda as PowerVrouw of the year 2017. Susan imports various products, including liquid Stevia and sugar-free Belgian chocolate sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener of the Stevia plant and perfect to use as a sugar substitute, without calories and
artificial sweeteners. The liquid Stevia is ideal for sweetening your coffee, tea, water, yogurt or cottage cheese. But you can also bake with this natural sweetener, because it stays stable up to 200˚C. Besides liquid Stevia, the assortment consists of powder, tablets and Belgian chocolate with Stevia.

Susan says: " In my vlog I tell you how my company Greensweet-stevia came into being. I import and sell sugar substitutes and that turned out to be a success within a short time. The first bottles of Stevia I provided with a label at the kitchen table, but now that is past time. Greensweet-stevia has more than 500 sales points in the Benelux within 4 years and continues to grow. "

About 99PowerWomen
For women, women could give themselves up for 99 Power Women. Lucinda Douglas interviewed the participants and the vlog of about ten minutes was distributed via social media. In this way, people learn to know the woman behind the name, the company and the product. The prize-giving ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 7 in restaurant De Boschvijver in Apeldoorn. Susan Jansen is extremely honored and happy that she participated. The vlog in which Susan is interviewed by Lucinda has already been viewed more than 24,000 times!