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We are Helen and Lisan Koning, mother and daughter and the face behind “the low carbohydrate kitchen”.

We have been posting fun recipes on our insta page for a year now.

Low carbohydrate, but all of the dishes are especially super tasty, we think, but our many followers also share this opinion.

Thanks to this lifestyle, we eat responsibly, healthy and it is a party every day when we sit at the table.

For the sweet moments we have discovered the products of Greensweet-Stevia.

How nice is it to have a moment of enjoyment without feeling guilty.

A healthy greeting from Helen and Lisan Koning @decarbonhydraatarmekeuken


Below are some recipes that we have made with Greensweet products and which can be found on this website under low carbohydrate recipes:

Whipped cream truffles Click here for the recipe

Granola Click here for the recipe

Schwarzwalder kirsch cake click here for the recipe

Chocolate Brownies click here for the recipe

Low-carbohydrate apple pie click here for the recipe