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Greensweet Stevia Recommendations

Monique van der flood


O My God, I think I found the stevia heaven on earth, I can no longer live up to my happiness.
Day boring curd that tastes nowhere, welcome almond milk chocolate milk that you can drink unlimited, hello caramel what I missed and so on. Even the kids are now calling mommy can conjure, water which is just boring water first is now with one drop of this magical good ranja, just delicious. Read the whole report here


It is always nice when a product contains less or no sugar, but of course it should not be at the expense of the taste. And frankly, I was afraid of some kind of spiciness. But that was absolutely not the case. It really tastes like chocolate and it is really delicious! The creamy and slightly sweet taste of the Greensweet stevia chocolate deserves a big enough! We have re-ordered the milk chocolate with almonds, which is really our favorite! Read the whole report here .


The liquid stevia is very nice! You only need a few drops to make something sweet. So you already have a calorie and guilty free "syrup" by putting a few drops in a glass of water. Personally, I like to drink my coffee and tea without sugar or sweeten, but I had a visit tested and they found it just as tasty with liquid stevia! It also works well in pancakes or in your porridge! Read the whole report here .

Mama Angelique

I have to say that I find it quite a solution for the sweeteners in liquid form. You easily drop them in a bottle of water or a glass of water! This way Keano does not get too many artificial colors and sweeteners, which we then notice in his behavior. And then the chocolate bars ... .My heaven good! Curious about the complete story of Mama Angelique?


Andra van der Loos, Vitalya

Since the Therapist Fair, I have been introduced to your 'greensweet-stevia' product last Sunday and have immediately included it in the range of our store. I am also a therapist and have a practice as a naturopathic therapist and nutritionist. I immediately made recipes for clients! Say a fantastic product!

Eva, Het Leef van Eef

Eva (born in 1990 in Haarlem) keeps a blog with what occupies her in daily life where she finds out what the most beautiful, fun and inspiring places on earth are. She also writes about everything that makes life 'lovely'. One of those things is her discovery of the sugar-free chocolate bars from Greensweet-Stevia, which, in her own words, really tastes like delicious chocolate. Curious about her story?

Ninian (20) Boost your health

Ninian (20) stands for healthy eating, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Ninian has written a super nice review for Boost year health about our liquid stevia Orange and Mint. Curious about her experience? Read it here .

Good food, healthy living

Vanessa wrote on the website of Good Eating & Healthy Living a piece about what is so special about our stevia. Wondering what her experience is. Click here to go to the article .

Boost your health

Boost your health is a website that wants to inform and inspire people in the field of healthy food, lifestyle, special products, workshops, events, beauty, fashion and sport. On their website is a nice review about our chocolate. Click here to read the article.


A super nice review of our chocolate on herbalgreeninfinitea. Click here to read the article . Earlier they also wrote an article about Greensweet liquid stevia. You can read this here .

The scales

Conclusion of De Libra: Definitely worth a try, also because of the large choice of flavors. Pay attention to the dosage, and also to any other sweeteners in the recipe when baking. Curious about their complete review?

Lisanne lives

Lisanne wrote an article about our products on her own mind and lifstyle blog. Click here to read the article .