Greensweet-stevia sweetener can now be found in many health and organic stores, gyms, dieticians, nutrition coaches and webshops ( view the sales points map ). This is because stevia contains no calories, no carbohydrates and no glycemic index. Our products also contain no chemicals, alcohols, solvents or enzymes at any stage of extraction and purification.


Greensweet-stevia sweetener is ideal for everyone, including people watching their weight, people with diabetes and anyone who wants to use a natural sweetener.

Other healthy properties

Studies have also shown that Stevia usually lowers high blood pressure, but does not affect normal blood pressure. It also inhibits the growth and multiplication of certain bacteria and other infectious organisms, including bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Stevia is an exceptional tool for weight loss and weight management as it does not contain calories and reduces the need for sweets and fatty foods.

Pay attention

Many suppliers add Isomalt (= artificial sweetener!) Or Maltodextrin to their Stevia products. These are artificial sweeteners that ensure that your stevia product contains carbohydrates (and therefore also calories!). Products from Greensweet Stevia are pure nature. Only pure Stevia with a high percentage of stevioglycosides (98%) without the addition of artificial sweeteners.

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