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Greensweet Stevia is a 100% natural Stevia brand, founded by Susan Jansen in 2013. Greensweet has 500 physical points of sale and its own webshop where you can buy the tastiest, natural sugar substitutes, without unnecessary additives. Greensweet has the largest range of liquid stevia flavors in the Benelux.

Stevia is a natural sweetener without calories and carbohydrates. All Greensweet products are purely natural and contain no artificial additives. With Stevia as a sugar substitute, you can make endless sweet and savory recipes. You can also use Stevia as a sweet in your drinks. Think of coffee, tea or in your water to give it a nice taste.

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Meet Susan Jansen

Hi, I'm Susan, the entrepreneur behind Greensweet Stevia. I would like to introduce myself. I believe in tasty and healthy food without making compromises. The discovery of the healthy sugar substitute Stevia has been life changing for my family, my daughters Beau and Amber and my husband Robert. All my life I have watched my weight, I want my daughters to grow up healthy and I am therefore careful with sugar. In addition, my father has diabetes. Sugar is a major culprit in people's health. It causes so many health complaints and the Dutch are only getting fatter and fatter. When I was traveling with my family in America, I first came into contact with Stevia droplets in drinks and soups in a health food store in California. The saleswoman explained to me that Stevia is a natural sugar substitute without calories and carbohydrates and that it does not affect your sugar level.

That sounded like music to my ears. Ideal for my father and ideal to use in all my recipes because it contains no calories and therefore does not make you fat. So enjoy good food in a healthy way. Intrigued as I was, I took a few bottles back to the Netherlands. I started using Stevia in all my recipes: from apple pie, cookies and cake to soup and jam. I also used it as a sweet in my tea and coffee. My daughters and husband were my volunteer guinea pigs for my recipes with Stevia and all three were raving about it.

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I thought what an outcome Stevia would be for a lot of people. For diabetics, people who want to lose weight and people who just want to enjoy good food in a healthy way. Stevia was not yet on the market in the Netherlands at the time of my discovery, but I discovered that it would soon be approved as a sweetener by the EU. Convinced of the good qualities of Stevia, I then started to find out how I could start selling Stevia in the Netherlands, as a healthy alternative to sugar.

Green Sweet has been a fact since 2013. With Greensweet I want to let people enjoy tasty and healthy food. Whether you want to lose weight, use less sugar, have a certain diet or lifestyle. With 100% pure stevia you choose for your health and you can continue to enjoy sweets without negative consequences for your health.

Green Sweet: enjoyment without feeling guilty.

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