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What do you need;

Variation tips

  • Beat the whipped cream for luxury keto iced coffee
  • A pinch of Ceylon cinnamon in your keto iced coffee tastes delicious
  • Make a chocolate keto iced coffee with Greensweet stevia drops
  • Make caramel keto iced coffee with Greensweet Sweet Caramel
  • Make dairy-free keto iced coffee by using coconut milk or nut milk

This is how you make this delicious iced coffee

Put the ice cubes and whipped cream in a large glass and pour the coffee on top. If you choose to whip the whipped cream, add it last.

You can choose to make the coffee and let it cool for the cold keto iced coffee. Or directly on the ice cubes and stir well.

If you use liquid stevia or erythritol then I notice that the taste comes out best when you add it when the coffee is colder. So add this as the last one and season to taste.



Source / photo: Madelon from Waymadi.nl