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What do you need: for 2 portions

1 tbsp (coconut) oil,

200 grams of cauliflower rice,

1 sweet pepper (cut into large pieces),

1 eggplant (diced),

1 carrot (roughly sliced),

1 clove of garlic (chopped),

50 grams of fresh spinach,

125 grams mushrooms (roughly sliced),

1 tbsp nasi spices (I used https://www.greengypsyspices.com/nasi-co.html )

1 or 2 teaspoon Greensweet Brown.

Possibly some salt and pepper to taste.

You can of course use all kinds of vegetables. Finish your nasi with, for example, homemade peanut sauce, bean sprouts or some fried onions.

This is how you make the nasi

Step 1

Put your wok on the heat and heat the oil in it. Fry the garlic clove briefly.

Step 2

Add the mushrooms, bell pepper, eggplant and carrot together with the fried herbs. I still like it when the vegetables are still crispy, but tastes differ.

Step 3

Add the cauliflower rice and stir carefully. Season further with 1 or 2 teaspoons of Brown, salt and pepper.

Step 4

Divide your cauliflower into two plates and use topping that you still like.


Source / photo: Manon from Vegan Flavors