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What do you need:

for 6 pistols: (4 points per pistolette):

6 AH basic trough pistol rolls (do not pre-bake, eroded to 20 grams each)
300 grams of chicken fillet (ground as minced meat)
75 grams bacon bread slices from AH (cut)
1 small red onion (smallly chopped)
1 shallot (small chopped)
1 red pepper (small cut)
3 cloves of garlic (crushed and chopped)
50 ml of soy sauce
25 grams Greensweet-stevia Brown
2.5 grams of cayenne pepper
10 grams of smoked paprika
10 grams of turmeric powder
5 grams of garlic powder
2.5 grams (Celtic) sea salt
30 grams of tomato paste
40 grams of grated 30+ cheese
3 slices BYB cheddar cheese (halved, half a slice per pistolet = 10 grams per half slice)
PAM spray

This is how you make it:

Preheat the aifryer to 180 degrees (Philips XL, a smaller airfryer or another brand I would do at 200 degrees).
Grind the chicken into minced meat in a meat grinder or cut it very small. (At Turkish stores, they often want chicken fillet to be minced for you.) Do not use ready-made chicken chopped from the supermarket because it is made of chicken fillet and that is 4 points per 100 grams!)
Drain the porcelain dish until it weighs 20 grams and spread the grated cheese over the bottom of the bread rolls (about 6.5 grams of cheese per pistol).
Fry the bacon with the red onion, shallot, red pepper and garlic in a little PAM spray for a minute or 2 in a wok. Keep stirring because the garlic must absolutely not burn, then it becomes bitter!
Add the tomato puree, the soy sauce and the Greensweet Stevia Brown and mix.
Add all the herbs and the minced meat and fry everything together with a fork.
Put the minced meat mixture in the hollowed out pistol.
Place half a slice of cheddar cheese on each toast.
If you have an airfryer XL, you can have 4 pistachios at a time. Otherwise, do 2 at a time.
Do the anti splash cover (this prevents the cheddar from being placed against your heat element so it's really important!) And fry the toasts at 180 degrees in 6 minutes.

(I think if you put it in a preheated electric oven, they should be 8 to 10 minutes at 200 degrees)
Enjoy your meal!
Tip: You can of course make the minced mixture in different ways, just where you are hungry at that moment. You can of course also add red peppers, fresh Italian herbs etc. Just try it out and see what you like, herbs are no extra points.


Source / photo: Sandra Kemna