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What do you need:

1 medium egg,

40 grams of self-raising flour,

1 teaspoon baking powder,

150 g pumpkin,

1 apple,


20 grams Greensweet Brown.

That's how you make it:

Cook the pumpkin cubes and the apple in a pan over the heat. Mix the cooked pumpkin, apple, the flour, baking powder, the egg, cinnamon to taste and the Greensweet Brown and pour the whole into a baking tin. On top of that you put some slices of apple, where you sprinkle cinnamon and some Greensweet Brown (this gives you a caramelized layer). Bake the tartlet in the airfryer at 170 degrees, after 15 minutes it is ready!


Source / photo: Via instagram @growingthroughtdirt