Poodle doodle balls from @ dekleinewildebizon (Instagram)

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What do you need:

- 120 grams of butter

- 120 grams of peanut butter

- 130 grams of coconut flour
- 75 grams of chopped nuts
- 50 grams of ground flaxseed
- 85 grams of chocolate 85%
- 30 grams of coconut oil
- melt the butter and the peanut butter in a large bowl and mix well.
- Add the coconut flour, chopped nuts and ground flaxseed together with the erhythritol. Mix all this well together.
- Place the mixture in the freezer for 15 minutes.
- Turn the mixture into balls.
- Melt the coconut oil with the chocolate and stir the mixture well.
- Immerse the balls so that they are completely covered with chocolate.
- Put them on a piece of paper and sprinkle with Greensweet's erythritol.
- Place the balls in the refrigerator so that the chocolate can solidify.
To keep in the fridge.
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