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What do you need:

This is how you make it:

Use a pan with a thick bottom, preferably a cast iron pan.

Add 150 grams of Greensweet Erythritol, 6 grams of chicory coffee, and 50 grams of Greensweet Extra Sweet or Greensweet Icing in the pan, and add 15 drops of Greensweet liquid stevia almond.

Put this on high heat while you keep stirring. The sugar will melt and you will automatically see that it acquires the well-known smooth mass as brown bastard. You have to put it on the fire for about 2 minutes, that is enough to melt the mass into the familiar brown sugar structure.

Pour the brown sugar into a well-sealable jar (eg a weck jar) and let it cool down, while you keep stirring. Then keep the sugar tightly closed in a cool place.

You can use the sugar for everything, for whatever you use brown caster sugar, for example in cakes and pastries, on pancakes and poffertjes and so on. Just remember that the sweetening power is many times higher and you will therefore not need much. For example, if a recipe says that you need 100 grams of brown caster sugar, use about 50-70 grams. It depends a bit on your own sweet tooth. It is about 2x sweeter than regular brown caster sugar.

Stir the mixture before use. Once the mass has hardened, heat everything again briefly while stirring in a pan.


Source / photo: Monique van der Vloed