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CREAM BUTTERCAKE (with Airfryer).jpg

Additional Needs:

  • a beaten egg for brushing

(* you can also use another gluten-free flour. Add two tablespoons of psyllium for firmness)

This is how you make it:

Place the butter and sugars in a bowl and beat until fluffy. Add the egg and beat through. Add the flour and beat to a granular mass. Prepare a bowl of warm water. Line the baking lift of the airfryer with baking paper. Pour the mass into the bucket elevator and moisten your hands. Press the mass again and again with moistened hands, until a cake is formed. Brush the cake with the beaten egg. Make a checkered pattern with a blunt knife, this is of course not necessary, but it does look nicer. Place the cake in the fryer and set the setting to 160 degrees. Bake the cake, checking regularly, for 32 minutes. If it needs a little more, always give an extra two minutes and check. Let cool.



Source/photo: Monique van der Vloed