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What do you need:

300 grams of fresh or frozen blackberries,

1 tbsp lemon juice

15 grams Greensweet jam jelly crystal.


This is how you make it:

Step 1

Put the blackberries in a saucepan together with the lemon juice. Bring to boil.

Step 2

Keep stirring well and puree the blackberries. Personally, I like a coarse structure.

Step 3

Stir the Greensweet jam jelly crystal through the blackberries and simmer for a moment. Taste whether it is flavored. Otherwise add some greensweet Syrup gold .

Step 4

Transfer the jam into a glass jar and turn the lid on well. Turn upside down in the fridge.


The jam is not as thick as the jam from the store. Personally, I think the structure is good. Tasty for a (sourdough) sandwich, rice cracker, but also delicious on a pancake, banana bread or over your (coconut) yogurt.


Source / photo: Manon from Vegan Flavors