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Greensweet Stevia Banana Chocolate chop oatmeal.jpg


What do you need:

¾ cup oatmeal
Double amount of vegetable milk (½ cup oat = 1 cup milk) banana (pulp)
4 cm wide piece of zucchini
1 pinch of cinnamon
4 - 6 drops of Greensweet liquid stevia Banana and / or Greensweet liquid stevia chocolate


1 Greensweet-stevia chocolate flower pure
¼ banana
pair of strawberries
chia seed

This is how you make it:

Pour the oatmeal, banana, grated zucchini, cinnamon and Greensweet liquid stevia drops into a pan. Pour the milk with it, you can also half milk half water or only water if the amount is double the amount of oatmeal you use.

Put it also medium heat and stir until it starts to bubble.

Lower the heat and let it cook gently while you stir until it is your desired thickness.

Spoon the oatmeal into a bowl and top with the rest of the banana into slices and the strawberries.

Sprinkle some chia seeds and muesli on the whole. Enjoy your meal!