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What do you need:



This is how you make the pie:

Make sure you have space in the freezer! Line your baking pan (23 cm) with baking paper and grease the edges.

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and knead into a dough ball with your hands. Press this on the bottom of your baking pan. Place the baking pan in the freezer so that it can stiffen.

Put all ingredients for the filling in the food processor and grind to a smooth batter.

Take your baking pan from the freezer and pour the filling on the cake base. Divide it evenly and put the baking pan in the fridge for 6-8 hours. When you put it in the freezer, it hardens faster.

If you want to eat a piece, take the cake out of the freezer 60 minutes in advance. Cut the cake into pieces with a knife that you rinse under hot water.




Source / Photo: Manon vanVegan Flavors