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Fruit water

We have to drink a lot, especially in this warm weather! But what if your children drink water with long teeth? I regularly make water with a taste and or color or iced tea. Here are some of my ideas:

Water with some apple slices, sweetened with Greensweet liquid stevia apple or not . (My advice is 1 to 2 drops per Liter). I also like to add the juice of 1 lemon or lime. Not the skin, so above you can squeeze.

Purple water
1 sprig of mint, 4 slices of apple, 1 box of frozen blueberries, 3 liters of water, 4 drops of Greensweet-stevia Blueberry and lots of ice!

Wonderfully fresh
Water, cucumber, lime juice and ginger.

Sweet tea
Make a pot of licorice tea and let it cool while it pulls. You keep the bags or pieces of licorice in it all the time. Once cooled, put it in the fridge. If it is nice and cold (or you add a lot of ice), squeeze in the juice of a whole lemon and possibly a sprig of mint.
This tea is both hot and cold favorite with my children.

Large ice blocks
If I make a jug of lemonade, fruit water, water or iced tea on hot days, I want a lot of ice in it.
An easier solution than making lots of ice cubes is to make large ice blocks. I put a few plastic cups of water in the freezer before going to sleep and the next day I have very large blocks of ice in my jug!

Source: jessicaonline.nl