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Now that it is summer, everyone is eating plenty of ice cream again. Great with this weather to eat something cold. But it also often happens that you are in front of the ice cream shelf in the supermarket and then everything is gone, or that there are only ice creams that you do not want at all.

For this I have come up with a nice and tasty solution. Namely, just make your own ice cream!

All you need is ice cream molds, tasty ingredients and a freezer.

Nowadays you can buy ice cream molds everywhere and most people have a freezer. (otherwise you wouldn't be able to buy and store ice cream in the supermarket)

This time I started with tasty and healthy ice creams. In the end, I already have a few variants that I am satisfied with and which I have really enjoyed.

Soon there will be more ice cream recipes, because I am still experimenting. Do you have a nice and tasty idea for healthy homemade ice creams? Let me know in the comments below and I'll get started with that!

Strawberry curd ice creams



Apple cinnamon ice creams


Chocolate ice creams



Greetings Tiffany


Source / photos: Tiffany from Tiffskitchen