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Greensweet Stevia Rhubarb jam Vegan sugar free.jpg

You need this: (for two large jars of jam)
- 750 grams of fresh organic rhubarb, washed and dried
- a level teaspoon of Greensweet Sweet intense or 2 tablespoons of Greensweet Extra Sweet.
- 2 grams of agar-agar powder
- possibly: 5 drops of Greensweet liquid stevia Caramel or Vanilla (optional, recommended for extra flavor)

This is how you make it:
Cut the rhubarb into pieces of about 3 cm. Put the pieces together with the sugar (s) in a pan and fill the pan with a little water; not completely full. Place the pan with lid on medium heat. As soon as the mass begins to bubble, turn the heat down and allow the rhubarb to boil butterily. Always keep checking. This takes an average of 45 minutes.

If the rhubarb is buttery, remove the pan from the heat. Is there still a lot of water? Then pour a little, but leave a small bottom of water in the pan. Add the agar immediately and puree everything with the hand blender until smooth. Pour into two glasses, sealable pots and allow to cool down further. Then store in the refrigerator.

Recipe and photography: Monique van der Vloed