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What do you need: (for 6 people, 5 points per person)

Made in the 3.5 liter slow cooker (Russel & Hobbs)

1 kilo of chicken fillet (diced)
400 grams (chestnut) mushrooms (cut into coarse cubes)
2 or 3 onions (chopped) (200 grams)
30 ml sweet soy sauce
30 ml white wine vinegar
60 ml tomato ketchup
30 ml Greensweet syrup gold
1 tablespoon of sambal oelek
1 tablespoon of sambal manis
1 tablespoon of sambal badjak
100 grams peanut sambal trafasi (Faja Lobi)
1 pack of mix for spicy nasi (Honig)
2 small maggi cubes (crumbled)

That's how you make it:

Mix everything together.

Make sure everything is at room temperature.

Set the slow cooker to low for 3 hours.

Remove the lid after 3 hours and leave it on low for half an hour without a lid.

Enjoy your meal!

If you do not have 3 types of sambal, just choose one that you have.

Eaten with 125 grams Aviko grandfather's fries from the airfryer (5 extra points), 2 tablespoons remia 5% fries sauce (1 point extra) and green beans, cooked in a chicken broth block (0 points extra)


Source / photo: Sandra Kemna