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What do you need:

450 buckwheat flour

2/3 tablespoons of psyllium

4 grams of organic dry yeast

3 big tablespoons greensweet extra sweet

450 ml of water

Greensweet Icing


This is how you make it:

Knead all ingredients together firmly. Let the batter in the bowl covered (tea towel) rise for about an hour. Allow 400 ml of pure coconut oil to melt in a pan. Turn bulbs out of the dough, and fry in the hot oil until golden brown. Also make some currants and raisin dumplings! Knead some soaked / drained raisins / currants through a bulb and fry in the oil until golden brown! Delicious sprinkled with Greensweet-stevia Icing icing sugar!


Source / photo: Monique van der Vloed