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What do you need:

This is how you make it:

It is important to use a pan with a thick bottom. Preferably a ceramic with extra layers, this prevents burning. Prepare a number of moulds/moulds. You can decide for yourself which molds you want to use.

Put the Green Sweet Icing with the cocoa powder in the pan and mix. Place over medium heat and keep stirring constantly. This is important because it can burn quickly. The mass will become grainy. This belongs. Keep stirring. A viscous mass will naturally form. As soon as the mass has reached this viscous point, immediately remove the pan from the heat, add the milk and stir briefly. Pour directly into the moulds/moulds. Be careful, the mass is hot! Allow to harden for at least 3/4 hours. Store in a nice bowl on the table!



Source/ photo: Monique van der Vloed