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With our wide range of 100% natural sugar substitutes, we offer a healthy yet tasty alternative to sugar in order for anyone to enjoy sweetness responsibly. 

Green Sweet’s sugar substitutes are made from pure erythritol and steviol glycosides. Thereby our products are always of the highest quality, without any artificial sweeteners or flavourings. In addition, they contain little to no calories and carbohydrates, making them perfectly suitable for diabetics, those following a particular diet or just anyone wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Our products are available at several retail locations, such as the Holland & Barrett stores, various independent drugstores, all G&W Health shops and specialised webshops. Furthermore, our products are recommended and offered by a great number of dietitians, nutritionists and food coaches. It is also possible to order directly from our website, where you can find the entire Green Sweet product range including elaborate product information, corresponding recipes and more.