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Green Sweet's sugar substitutes are made from pure erythritol and/or pure steviol glycosides. As a result, they are always of high quality and 100% natural, without the addition of artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

Steviol glycosides are found in the leaves of the stevia plant and are 100 to 500 times sweeter than sugar. Green Sweet mainly uses Rebaudioside A, the purest form of steviol glycosides. By using small amounts of this steviol glycoside, Green Sweet’s liquid stevia drops, sweetener tablets and syrups get a delicious, sweet taste. Steviol glycosides are also mixed with other sugar substitutes. Green Sweet uses pure erythritol for this, which is obtained from corn. Erythritol has a sweetening power of 75% compared to sugar and it is the only polyol that contains no calories. By adding a very small amount (0.2%) of steviol glycoside to erythritol, a perfect substitute for sugar is created with exactly the same structure and sweetness as regular sugar.

Since the various Green Sweet sugar substitutes contain little to no calories or (absorbable) carbohydrates, making them perfectly suitable for diabetics, those following a particular diet or just anyone wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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