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Hey! My name is Susan Jansen and I'm the proud owner of Greensweet-Stevia. I would like to tell you how Greensweet-stevia originated.

In 2012 I was with my family (husband Robert and daughters Beau and Amber) on vacation in America and saw in a kind of reform case Liquid Stevia stand. I did not know but I was in conversation with the salesman and she told me that it was a natural sugar substitute that has incredibly beautiful properties. It did not contain any calories, carbohydrates and had no effect on your blood sugar level, making it also suitable for people with diabetes. In addition, it does not cause tooth decay, which makes me very welcome because my daughters were not too heavy but often had holes in the dental check. Multiple flying in one blow. I was immediately sold! I always keep myself on my line and my father has diabetes so I not only benefit from this for us but for many more people. I bought several bottles and I went to research at Stevia home. It was not yet approved in the EU as a table sweetener, but it would not take long. In the meanwhile, I've been looking for a good supplier with the right papers and the purest Stevia.

After I found that, I started from various stores and slimming studios in my area and my products were in no time. That was amazing! In five years, the range has grown into tabletsliquid Steviacrystal sugar and powders. These products have been sold in more than 500 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and I am very proud that there are so many people who use our products. Without the support and help of my husband Robert who, in spite of the hustle and bustle of his own company, always helped me and assisted in fairs and my daughters Beau and Amber, who also contributed greatly to Greensweet stevia, I had Can not do this.

Currently, we are working on beautiful projects to provide a greater social contribution so that more and more adults and children use less sugars. That's a great goal that I really like to use.