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Kim of Verantwoord snoepen

I’m Kim, 25 years old and crazy about everything that has to do with nutrition and sports! I’m a physiotherapist and lifestyle coach. Through Verantwoord Snoepen I love to guide people to a responsible lifestyle in a tasty and pleasant way.
You only live once, so working on a responsible lifestyle must remain fun and tasty. "Balance is the key" is my motto. Therefore on my Instagram page @verantwoordsnoepen you will mainly find delicious, yet responsible recipes. Of course one slice of cake doesn't immediately disrupt your whole lifestyle, so I show those treats too every now and then. Furthermore I want to share as much information as possible about a responsible lifestyle and how to achieve it. Everyone has the right to a happy, beautiful and responsible life!

Besides cooking and baking, which I absolutely love, I also like to ride my mountain bike or practice strength training. In this way I try to inspire as many people as possible to be active, relax and, above all, eat delicious food! So in addition to recipes, I also share information about being active and your mindset.
Being able to enjoy your food without feeling guilty is the most important thing.

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