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What do you need for 4 portions:

  1. 5 speculoos cookies from Bio Today
  2. 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  3. 150 grams of vegan cream cheese
  4. 150 ml mild and creamy unsweetened Alpro
  5. 2 EL Green Sweet Syrup Gold
  6. 1 EL lemon juice
  7. 6 EL red (organic) fruit spread
  8. Fresh raspberries and strawberries
  9. mint leaves for garnish
  10. 4 small glass jars

This is how you make this delicious dessert:

Put the cookies in a bag and fold them small with a rolling pin, or put them in a powerful blender or food processor until they are almost completely ground. There may well remain some pieces but not too large. Stir them through the melted coconut oil and divide over the jars. Press well with a spoon and put the jars in the fridge.
Mix the cream cheese with the mild and creamy, syrup gold and lemon juice and spread over the cookie bases. Spoon the fruit spread over a spoon and garnish with the fresh fruit and mint leaves. Put them in the fridge for another hour so that the cream cheese can stiffen slightly. Take them out of the fridge 10 minutes before you serve them.