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What do you need:




  • Crushed pistachio nuts and coconut grater

I used a cake pan with a scalloped edge, for making quiches, for example. Ø 24 cm lined with a baking paper.

This is how you make thepie:

First get started with the soil. First put the almonds, cashews, salt, Green Sweet Extra Sweet and the coconut grater in the food processor. Grind fine. Then add the remaining ingredients. When you have a sticky substance, it's done.
Too dry? Then add some coconut oil (melted) or water. It must certainly not be too wet!
Express the dough in the cake pan and place in the fridge for 10 minutes. Grease the food processor and get started with the filling of the cake. Remove the peel from the avocados and remove the kernel. Put the flesh in the food processor together with the other ingredients. When everything is well mixed and you have an even mass, it is done. Always taste if it is on taste. Add some sweetener if desired. Remove the bottom from the fridge and pour your avocado smoothie on the bottom. Gently shake the cake base and place the cake in the fridge for 2.3 hours. You can cut out 12 pieces of cake. Please note that the avocado will not keep the cake long. Either you eat the cake within 2 days, or you freeze the remaining pieces. Do you want to enjoy a piece of cake later? Remove the cake from the freezer 1 hour before eating.
Source / photo: Manon de Wit of Vegan Flavors