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Greensweet Syrups

Do you live consciously and are you looking for a complete replacement for honey or syrup?

But much less calories? Then choose the Greensweet Syrups.

We now have 2 packs of our Greensweet Syrup Gold:

- 450 grams

- 1000 grams

Our range also includes the Greensweet Syrup Clear of 450g. This Greensweet Syrup Clear is a fiber syrup to replace glucose syrup.

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Syrup Clear 450 g
Syrup Clear 450 g
Syrup Clear is a low-calorie natural sweetener.
Syrup Gold 1000 g
Syrup Gold 1000 g
Discount packaging of one of our best-selling product. Syrup Gold in 1000 g bottle. Great for making granola, but also in baking or in delicious recipes as a replacement for honey.