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What do you need:

For the long fingers:

For the tiramisu:

This is how you make it:

You start by making the lady fingers.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.

Separate the egg yolks from each other. Put the yolks in a bowl together with the salt, the vanilla extract, 30 grams Green Sweet Sweet and 15 grams Green Sweet Erythritol. Mix well until it is fluffy and runs like a ribbon through the whisk.

Beat the egg whites to foam first with the rest of the Green Sweet Sweet and Erythritol. Carefully fold the foam into the egg yolks. Sift the flour over the bowl and gently fold in.

Place the batter in a piping bag with a wide round nozzle.

Place the baking paper on the oven tray.

Pipe the batter onto the baking paper and make about 10 cm long rows with 4 cm between rows. Put them in the oven for 10 minutes. Repeat this until your batter is used up. Let the ladyfinger cool down thoroughly before building the tiramisu.

Mix the quark with the Greensweet Icing and the Green Sweet liquid drops of Caramel. Place half of the strawberries in a bowl and mash them.

Building the tiramisu:

Put the apple juice on a plate and let the lady finger rest briefly in it. I myself did this 1 by 1 otherwise they get too wet.

Take a nice bowl and cover the bottom with the lady fingers, take half of the quark and spread it over it. Then spread the strawberry puree over it and cover it again with lady fingers.

Then spread the rest of the quark over it and put the remaining strawberries on top.

Before serving, top with a bit of that delicious Green Sweet Icing.



Source/photo: Maaike Smink